Patient-centered approach in the treatment of tuberculosis, as well as
integration of partnership with science and innovative technologies is one of the
the fundamental elements of the “End-TB” Strategy (“Eliminate TB”),
proposed by WHO, which determines the achievement of targets by 2035
– a 95% reduction in TB mortality and a 90% TB incidence
compared with 2015 and to reduce the catastrophic costs of families
patients with TB for treatment of this disease.
This International Conference is one of the most important events in the
calendar of medical events of the current year in the health system
Republic of Uzbekistan, aimed at improving the provision of specialized
phthisiatric care in the regions. This is a unique platform for the exchange of experience and
opinions on the most important achievements in the clinical practice of phthisiology.

Within the framework of the Conference, unique presentations and master-
classes by world-famous experts, such as: Max Salfinger, Director

Laboratory of Mycobacteriology and Pharmacokinetics and Executive Director
laboratory of modern methods of laboratory diagnostics, USA; Kerry Tudor
from the International Council of Nurses, South Africa; Ala Evtuh, Partnership
Stop TB, GDF, Switzerland; League Kuksha, Director of the Cooperation Center
WHO, Latvia; Jamila Ismoilova, Regional Advisor on Community Involvement
USAID TB Control Program, Tajikistan; as well as Gregory
Volchenkov, the director of the regional anti-tuberculosis center of Vladimir
region, Russia.
People’s health is an invaluable gift of nature, a guarantee of the well-being of the present and
future generations.
Our duty is to strengthen and preserve in every way the health of every inhabitant of the planet,
– We hope that the work of the Conference “Integration of partnership with science and
innovative technologies in the implementation of the END-TB strategy in Uzbekistan ”
will provide an opportunity to achieve the targets of the strategy
“Eliminate TB” (“End-TB”).
Knowledge acquired by specialists in the TB services, including
average medical personnel, will ensure the provision of
highly skilled medical care to the population of Uzbekistan.

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