Actual problems of acquired immune system syndrome

On the days of curatorial spirituality and enlightenment at the Department of Phthisiology at the Tashkent Medical Academy, 17.11.2017

Participated: 605 students

Actual problems of acquired immune system syndrome

At the beginning of the semester the Department of Phthisiology is located. Djurabaeva M.X.

AIDS History: Dr. Michael Gottlib, of Los Angeles, meets an unknown illness in medicine. During the 1980s Michael Gottlib’s death, a patient died of pneumonia. Controls show that the deceased patient is young, homosexual, and his immune system has dropped completely.

She was HIV-positive. Factors that do not allow pandemic abnormalities are the risk that HIV infection will eventually lead to viral transmission Loss of effective vaccination due to genetic variation in the virus Virus types: 2 viruses that call for HIV infection have been identified, 1 and HIV-2.

They are one of the most complex viruses in the structure and chemical composition and differ from each other with anti-gene characteristics. In Uzbekistan, most of the HIV-1-type enrollments and their work have been discussed.

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