November 7, 2023 Khakimova R.A., Associate Professor of the Department of Phthisiology and Pulmonology, Andijan State
Medical Institute, Faculty of Dentistry, Soliev I.S., senior lecturer of the Department of Rehabilitation,
sports medicine, traditional medicine and physical education and Ongarbaev D.O. senior lecturer of the department
Phthisiology and Pulmonology of the Tashkent Medical Academy held an integrated lecture. The lecture was attended by the assistant of the Tashkent Medical Academy L. Mamatov, employees of the departments of the institute,
clinical rectors and students of group 501-506 of the Faculty of Pediatrics. Lectures were held here on the topics “Traditional diagnostic methods in phthisiology”, “Innovative methods
diagnosis of tuberculosis”, “Traditional medicine in the treatment of patients with tuberculosis”. The speakers provided detailed
information on topics. At the end, an interactive game “Quick Question and Answer” was held with the participation of students.


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